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By Ron Munden -- ron@easttexasexposed.com - Septeber 12, 2018

The agenda for the September 13, 2018, City Commission meeting contains these items:


A. Consider approval of an Ordinance repealing Section 2-12 of Chapter 2, Administration of Ordinances of the City of Marshall, TX, entitled “Annual Sales Tax Appropriation for Streets Projects,” which requires that a certain percentage of the local sales tax be appropriated to maintaining and improving city streets. (Acting City Manager)

B. Consider approval of an Ordinance to adopt the annual budget of the City of Marshall, Texas, for the 2019 fiscal year. (Acting City Manager)

Item A will remove a city requirement that at least 25% of the city sales taxes will be spent on street maintenance. Item B approves the City’s 2019 budget. It is my understanding that the budget does not meet the 25% requirement for street repairs.

Here is the issue. It takes two readings to pass an ordinance. Does it take two votes to rescend an ordinance? If it does the Commission will violate its own ordinance if it approves the budget at this meeting.

Actually, I don’t know, and I don’t care. I just wanted to get your attention, so I can tell you what IS IMPORTANT.

Here are some important numbers:

2018 adopted budget = $1,835,408
2019 proposed budget = $1,719.114
Decrease = $116,294

This City Commission is about to cut funding for street maintenance – reversing the trend of increasing funding for street maintenance in recent years. Does this City Commission really think that Marshall’s streets are in good shape and the City can reduce funding for street maintenance?

Oh, by the way, there is another interesting item on the agenda:

8. ORDINANCE A. Consider approval of an Ordinance affixing and levying 2018 ad valorem taxes for the use and support of the municipal government of the City of Marshall for the 2019 fiscal year at a rate of $0.542160 per $100 of property value, which is effectively a 2.09 percent increase in the tax rate. The tax rate of $0.542160 will raise more taxes for maintenance and operations than last year’s tax rate. (Acting City Manager)

So if the Marshall City Commissioners pass item 6.B and 8.A, they will increase the taxes on Marshall property owners and decrease the money spent on street maintenance in the same meeting.

Good work Marshall City Commissioners!!!