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No Evidence to Support Blog Website's Claim New MPD Chief Indicted

By Ashli Acker Dansby -- KMHT

On Thursday, a judicial blog website, Judicial Watch, released a story claiming Marshall's newly hired chief of police, Jesus "Eddie" Campa, had been indicted earlier this year for embezzling millions of dollars from the Department of Homeland Security. While the website provides no sources of the information, and no date of the supposed indictment, the article was enough to turn heads in the community.

KMHT visited with Acting City Manager Kenneth "Buzz" Snyder Friday about the rumor, and he says the city was aware of these claims during the background checks, and numerous background checks have produced no evidence the rumor of the indictment is true.

"We have done extensive background searches, and are required too. Anytime you are dealing with law enforcement especially, there are requirements you have to go through. The Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) is very strict on how you go about hiring a police chief; there is a lot that has to be done. We have done our city background investigation; we have done the TCOLE background follow up investigation. We have yet to come up with anything to verify, or indicate that these accusations are true," said Snyder. "We've even talked to his former boss, the sheriff, others within his former department and others in El Paso and none of this information can be verified. We can't find any evidence anywhere, at this point, that he was ever indicted anywhere for any reason. Unless someone can prove up these accusations, then there is no way for us to know, because we can't find it, and we have done everything humanly possible because we were aware of these accusations during the background investigations."

Snyder said the city did more in depth background investigations than normal because they were aware of the accusations.

"Obviously, because we were aware of these accusations or rumors, whatever you want to call them, we did probably more in depth background investigations than we probably normally would. There again, Texas Commission on Law Enforcement has some very specific requirements, and they follow up and make sure what we have done is accurate before they will allow someone to become our police chief. We've checked every resource that we can to verify this, and at this point in time we can't find anything that says this is actually true. “said Snyder. "I'm always concerned when I see something on a blog, because blogs, you can put anything you want to on a blog whether it's true or not, so I'm real careful not to buy into that."

Snyder tells KMHT Campa has leased a home in Marshall, is looking forward to coming to Marshall and is still set to begin the job as chief on August 18.

"We're ready for him, I think the Marshall Police Department is ready for him and I look forward to seeing us move forward with our new chief, new ideas and the new direction for our police department."

Late in May, Campa accepted a position as the Interim Chief of the Ector County Independent School District, a position Snyder tells KMHT the city staff and commissioners were aware of when they hired Campa.